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The Harwich Chamber (HCC) is a dynamic membership organization dedicated to ensuring the economic vitality of its member businesses and the Harwich community.

The Harwich Chamber of Commerce represents over 420 members from the Arts, Accommodations, Attractions, Banks and Financial Establishments, Funeral Homes, Realtors, Restaurants, Shops, Non Profits, Organizations and so much more. You may ask why join the Harwich Chamber of Commerce? We’re your advocate, partner and support system to help promote you, your business or your organization. We continually do this by creating new and innovative partnerships with the business community and town so we can foster and support a climate in which the quality and heritage of the town of Harwich and Cape Cod are preserved. A local chamber of commerce is at the center of it all. No other organization has this position, this influence, this ability to impact a community in a positive way.

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We provide information from our member in the Harwich Chamber Information Center such as community events, service needs provided by a variety of local organizations, information on housing and employment, and we promote our community 7 days a week 24 hours a day because how else can we promote our community as a place to live, work, enjoy and visit if we do not have an outline of what our community offers together. From our education, medical, small business, industry, and government each have their independent goals they work to succeed at reaching, The Harwich Chamber ten collaborates with each one to move forward to succeed for the future of the community we call home.

To be a part of the Harwich Chamber of Commerce please contact me at 508-430-1165. We look forward to having you be a part of YOUR Harwich Chamber of Commerce.       – Cyndi

“Hello, my name is Jonathan Pratt, and I am the founder of Cape Life Brand Company (; which is a lifestyle and apparel brand created and based on the unique culture and experience of Cape Cod. I recently became a member of the Harwich Chamber of Commerce, and I am very excited to be a part of this organization and business community.

After meeting with Cyndi Williams, the Executive Director I could immediately tell her passion for this organization and community, while connecting and promoting the businesses here. I too believe that businesses need to be part of a bigger network to help foster and grow.

I’m very interested in growing my business and helping others grow as well. I firmly believe through a strong network of unconditional business partners that you can achieve great success! “

We highly recommend taking advantage of joining the Harwich Chamber for any business looking to be more successful.”

Jonathan Pratt, Founder
Cape Life Brand Company

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