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SANDCASTLE DOGGIE PLAYCARE is a one-of-a-kind doggie daycare. In 2014, veterinarian Dr. Bellingham and dog trainer/shelter manager Debbie Mag teamed up to create a program to improve the lives of dogs. This new program addresses not only the physical need of exercise and socialization for your pet, but also mental stimulation and interaction. Using only rewards and positive reinforcement, your dog interacts with us to play games, work on puzzles, and increase responsive behaviors. Are you away at work all day, but don’t want to leave Fluffy by herself? Would you like to go sailing, but Fido can’t come? Our program circumvents boredom behaviors and stress that can develop from being left alone. Go away for the day guilt-free, knowing that not only will your dog be safe and cared for, but he/she will come back to you happier, healthier, and better behaved! Sandcastle Doggie Playcare is more than a daycare facility for dogs. It is playcare developed to improve the lives of dogs!


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